A Country That Bans Vaping Just Busted $2 Million Worth of Products

More than $2 million worth of vapes, components and tobacco products have been seized in Singapore, making it the “largest haul” in the city-state to date.  Acting on a tip-off, officers from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) inspected an industrial storage facility located north, towards the border with Malaysia. They discovered 10,057 vapes, 48,822 e-vaporiser

A Single Mother With 9 Children Sentenced to Death for 114 Grams of Meth

A viral video of a single mother who was sentenced to death on Oct. 15 for drug-related offences is generating online discussion about women’s rights and capital punishment in Malaysia. According to local reports, 55-year-old Hairun Jalmani received the death penalty last week at the Tawau High Court in Sabah, Malaysia, after being convicted of

Historic Drug Bust Found 450 Kilograms of Heroin Among Ceramic Tiles

Authorities in Australia have seized more than 450 kilograms of heroin concealed in a sea freight shipping container sent from Malaysia, making it the country’s largest-ever shipment of the illicit drug.  The heroin, which was believed to be worth at least $140 million, was hidden among ceramic tiles that were being transported in an industrial

Chile Is Sending Troops to Crack Down on an Indigenous Tribe and Create ‘Peace’

A longstanding conflict between the Indigenous Mapuche group and the government of Chile flared into violent protests this week, prompting President Sebastián Piñera to call a state of emergency in parts of the country. The Mapuche, Chile's largest Indigenous group, have for years been demanding self-determination and the restoration of their ancestral lands, mostly in

How to Handle It When a Loved One Relapses After Getting Sober

Decades later, the memory of my first relapse is as crystalline and sharp as a grain of really good ketamine. It was my junior year of college, and I was in court-ordered rehab. My dad and I were sitting in the industrial gray-hued cafeteria between bouts of group family therapy when, with the bloodhound precision

Mexico Is Fighting the US Over Extraditing Drug Cartel Suspects

Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. Last week was supposed to mark a fresh chapter in the 200-year relationship between the United States and Mexico, a turning of the page on fraught relations and militarization in favor of a more holistic and cooperative approach to reining in the cartels

Wake and Bake With the New Hedley & Bennett x Grateful Dead Drop

During the quarantined days of 2020, we all found different ways to pass the time. Some of us made our own booze and some of us got really into home decor. A ton of us baked bread, and another ton of us got baked. There were, of course, those who flouted COVID-19 travel restrictions—but there

Congress Might End Racist Sentencing Disparity Between Crack and Cocaine

Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. For decades, people found guilty of federal offenses involving crack—the cheaper, smokable version of cocaine—have faced lengthier, harsher prison sentences than those convicted of crimes related to the snortable, powder version of the drug.  Blame a moral panic in the 1980s and