Category: 2019

Devil Around

Check out this full color bag from Philly called, "Devil Around" and it's got a old school sailer jerry type devil head all over it.

Can’t Read

here is another bag that I can't read so I think that I'm gonna just start tossing them out.

The Meltdown

Here is another graphic bag that states "The Meltdown" plus has a skull graphic on it.

Unreadable Text

Here is a new to the site bag but I can't read what it says plus I can't find another one so I posted this one.

666 Diablo

Check out this Diablo 666 with the devil face on it. It was pickup somewhere in Northeast Philly like the rest of the bags here on this website.


Here is another bag that I bought earlier last year I think but can't be sure.

Soul Bag

I forget where I got this one but I know that I got somewhere in Northeast Philadelphia


This one is another newer one that was picked up in Philly maybe 3 or 4 months ago, hell it could be far earlier in 2019. I believe they were right were kip street meets indy ave across the tracks.