Convicted dominatrix's attorney accused of smuggling fentanyl-laced pot into NYC jail – New York Post

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The lawyer who represented Viktoria Nasyrova, the Russian-born dominatrix convicted of attempting to murder her pal with drug-laced cheesecake, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to smuggle fentanyl-laced pot into a Queens jail, The Post has learned.
Christopher Hoyt was visiting his client, Nasyrova, at the Kew Gardens lockup when he was arrested — and the stunning turn of events resulted in the adjournment of Nasyrova’s scheduled sentencing on Tuesday, according to the Department of Corrections and police.
“We have zero tolerance for anyone – staff, contract providers, visitors, and attorneys – who attempt to smuggle contraband into our jails,” DOC Commissioner Louis Molina said in a statement.
“The drugs laced with fentanyl that our officers found is yet another example of what jail and correctional systems across the country are dealing with daily,” said Molina.
Police said Hoyt was arrested shortly before 1 p.m. at the detention center after he was found with two bags of suspected drugs. The contents of the bags later tested positive for marijuana laced with fentanyl, the DOC said.
Sources told The Post it was routine for Hoyt, who repped Nasyrova through the entirety of her trial, to deliver clothes to his client before her court appearances.
He was doing just that on Tuesday when the drugs were found in a pair of shoes, sources said, adding that Hoyt denied knowing about the marijuana.
Hoyt was charged with introducing contraband to a prison and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Multiple attempts to reach him by phone Tuesday were unsuccessful.
Following Hoyt’s arrest, Nasyrova obtained a new lawyer. Her sentencing has been rescheduled for April 19.
Nasyrova, 47,  was found guilty last month of attempted murder, assault and other charges for poisoning her friend and lookalike Olga Tsvyk with a slice of cheesecake at her Forest Hills home in 2016.
She faces up to 25 years in prison.
“While we are disappointed with the jury’s verdict, we respect it and are exploring our options going forward,” Hoyt told The Post after the trial.
Nasyrova, of Sheepshead Bay, offered Tsvyk a slice of cake as a gift when she visited for a eyelash touch-up, Tsvyk testified during the week-and-a-half-long trial.
Nasyrova ate two pieces herself, Tsvyk told the jury, then offered her the third, which prosecutors said was laced with the powerful Russian tranquilizer Phenazepam.
Twenty minutes later, Tsvyk fell violently ill. She vomited on her floor and then passed out.
Nasyrova then stole her friend’s passport, cash and other property and scattered Phenazepam pills around Tsvyk’s lingerie-clad body to make it look like an attempted suicide, prosecutors said.
Tsvyk eventually recovered, though doctors said she was just minutes away from a heart attack.
Nasyrova left her DNA all over the cheesecake box — and later blabbed about the crime in several jailhouse interviews.
The incident did not appear to be Nasyrova’s first time drugging acquaintances.
Witness Ruben Borukhov, 54, testified that Nasryova drugged him for weeks after the two met on a Russian dating app. When his wits returned, Borukhov found his new watch missing and his American Express bill loaded with about $2,600 in unfamiliar charges, he said.
Nasyrova allegedly fled Russia for the US in 2014 after she was accused of murdering Alla Alekseenko. 
Russian authorities charged her with the murder later that year, and Interpol issued a top-priority Red Notice for her arrest when they found out Nasryrova fled the country.


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