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By CBS Baltimore Staff
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BALTIMORE — A suspended Baltimore City police officer was arrested following a crash Monday for illegally carrying a handgun, and her friend took drugs and paraphernalia from her car, according to charging documents obtained by WJZ.
Unique Sheppard, 23, was involved in a crash at the intersection of S. Mount Street and W. Pratt Street.
Sheppard told responding officers she was an on-duty officer, but said her police powers were currently revoked.
Tashi-Kali Acket and some of her staff at the non-profit “Clay Pots” rushed out when they heard the crash. 
Acket made sure the drivers were OK.
“I immediately asked [one of the drivers] if he was OK,” Acket said. “I asked her as well, then she started swearing at me. I stepped away because I saw her gun and she was very aggressive. I asked her if she wanted me to call the police. She said she was the police.”
A BPD officer is facing numerous firearm charges after crashing yesterday. Charging doc reveals this officer is currently suspended and also had drugs in her car.

Just spoke w/ someone who witness this crash, hear her account at 5. @wjz
Documents revealed that Sheppard’s bosses, along with her girlfriend, came to the scene.
In Sheppard’s car. officers found drugs – white plastic bag with various eatable cannabis treats, two grinders that had loose green residue and suspected cannabis residue, according to documents.
As officers continued to search Sheppard’s car, the bag containing the drugs was left on the passenger seat when Sheppard signaled to her girlfriend, who reported took the drugs and left the scene, according to documents.
While police were searching for the woman, officers found a loaded gun in a holster on Sheppard’s hip, knowing that her police powers were revoked and her departmental gun was taken away.
Sheppard, according to documents, said she did not have a carry permit.
Police found the woman walking away from a car, in which officers searched and found the bag of drugs and paraphernalia that were initially found in Sheppard’s car, documents revealed. Some of the drugs were not in the bag.
Hearing about all of this shocked Acket, especially because of Sheppard’s behavior.
“It was no conversation. It was just her going off on everybody around,” Acket said. “That’s dangerous because who’s supposed to be serving us, if we can’t even get proper respect from this person.”
Sheppard was arrested for the handgun violation and was taken to a hospital for drug testing.
The girlfriend did not give a statement and was not arrested, according to documents.
Sheppard was released from jail on a $100,000 unsecured personal bond.
She will be in court on April 19.
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First published on March 21, 2023 / 11:34 AM
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