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The feds are specifically focusing on fentanyl poisoning cases.
Snapchat, the social media platform known for its disappearing photos and videos, is now at the center of a federal investigation into illegal drug activity. CBS News reports that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are zeroing in on cases where subpoenas have revealed that drug deals resulting in overdose deaths were arranged via Snapchat.
The company has responded aggressively to stop illegal activity on the platform. Snap Inc., Snapchat’s parent company, uses cutting-edge tech to find drug dealers’ accounts and has implemented a system that blocks drug-related search results and redirects users to expert resources about the dangers of fentanyl. Additionally, Snap shares platform activity patterns with experts to identify illegal behaviors quickly.
In a statement, company reps said Snap has also worked to raise awareness regarding drugs, especially fentanyl and counterfeit pills. Snap said the company is “committed” to fighting the national fentanyl crisis by providing resources and encouraging users not to purchase drugs illegally online. By taking a proactive approach, Snap Inc. is trying to demonstrate its commitment to promoting safety and preventing illegal activity on its platform.
“We will continue to do everything we can to tackle this epidemic,” Snap’s statement read in part, “including by working with other tech companies, public health agencies, law enforcement, families and nonprofits.”
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