A LaGrange man was arrested after the Fayette County Undercover Narcotics Unit made their second big bust in as many days.
Fayette County Sheriff Keith Korenek reports that investigators from the Undercover Narcotics Unit, with assistance from the La Grange Police Department, executed a search warrant on Thursday in the 900 block of Jefferson Street in LaGrange.
They found 96 ecstasy pills, packets of THC gummies and edibles, and marijuana.
49-year-old Kelvin Henderson was taken into custody on charges of Manufacturing/Delivering of a Controlled Substance and Possession of a Controlled Substance.
The Undercover Narcotics Unit released a statement saying that events such as this case are a frequent occurrence.  Stopping the possession and flow of illegal narcotics in Fayette County is a daily function for the unit.
The manufacture, sale and use of narcotics is an underground operation that need to be exposed. Not only does the use of illegal drugs ruin lives but the sale of narcotics contribute to rising crime levels as well. Many states are moving in the wrong direction by legalizing “weed”! If Texas approves legalizing “weed” we will soon have MORE dumb, drunk, high and unemployed individuals driving on our highways! Don’t we have enough road rage, violence, theft and murder? Fayette County does an outstanding job interrupting the flow and possession of illegal narcotics! These “street pharmacists” are the idiots; risking prison for a few nickels while those at the top of the totem pole who fund these illegal undercover operations add income to their bank accounts without the risk. There are several (unnamed) neighborhoods in Brenham where “weed” is sold daily in the front yard and smoked in vehicles parked in good communities by those who do not even live in the neighborhood … without fear of being caught by the police. The entire neighborhood is aware of such ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. If it is illegal then it should NOT have to be tolerated by those who are Law Abiding Citizens! Our local police is doing the best they can. A little community support would be helpful. Call the police on these thugs. Prison just might save their lives. For sure, it would save our neighborhoods!
I would just like to thank our officers in blue for putting their lives on the line for us and doing their best to keep these drugs off the streets! I don’t think the men and women in blue are ever really appreciated enough! When they leave for work every morning, it must be hard never really knowing if you’re going to come back home to your husband or wife! But we do appreciate everything that y’all do to keep us safe! God bless and keep y’all safe!🙏🙏
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The WCC needs to discuss the huge hole in our pockets caused…
Wrong, Brad…
And that’s where your wrong. It has long been probable cause…
FYI Mr.Chasm, There is a residential neighborhood bordering…
Great season, Cubs!…


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