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Published November 1, 2022, 2:58 PM
by Glazyl Masculino
BACOLOD CITY – A buy-bust operation in Barangay Mambulac, Silay City, Negros Occidental on Oct. 30 went viral as an alleged suspect took off his clothes allegedly to prevent the police operatives from ‘planting evidence’ on him.
Jezrel Diaz, 24, of Barangay Lantad, who the police listed as a high value individual, was busted after the arresting police allegedly found 20 grams of suspected shabu worth P136,000 from him. The police also allegedly found the P6,600 marked money and several non-illegal drug items.
Based on a video posted by a netizen on social media, Diaz was initially seen half-naked while resisting a police operative during a drug bust, until he took off his underwear.
Diaz was shouting for help from the residents to testify that no illegal drugs were recovered from him and that policemen did not buy shabu from him.
Loud screams from the suspect’s family were also heard on the video as they insisted that the recovered illegal drugs were allegedly ‘planted’ on Diaz.
As the tension arose, two police operatives showed off their firearms and cordoned the area.

Despite his resistance, the inventory of the alleged drug evidence pushed through, and he was taken to the police station for custody.
The original video received mixed reactions from the netizens and went viral, with more than one million views on Monday, Oct. 31.
The video was deleted later that day, but some netizens have already re-uploaded it on social media.
In response, Lt. Col. Mark Anthony Darroca, Silay police chief, maintained that the buy-bust operation was legitimate.
Darroca said that most of the arrested drug suspects claim that the evidence were ‘planted’ on them.
But, he noted that police operatives have body cameras and witnesses like the media and barangay officials during any drug bust operation.
Darroca said that the video went viral because Diaz was seen naked.
“There was no planted evidence or irregularity shown in the video,” he added.
Darroca said he didn’t want to dwell anymore on the reactions of the netizens.
He added that it’s their right to express their opinion for as long as the Philippine National Police as a whole is not dragged into it and they have not violated any law, particularly the cybercrime law.
Instead, he urged drug pushers to stop engaging in the illegal drug trade, and drug users to stop using the contraband so that they won’t end up in jail.
For his part, Diaz, in a media interview, said he decided to take off his clothes so that he could prevent police from ‘planting the evidence.’ He said that the police failed to recover illegal drugs from him. Thus, he is calling for justice on the recent incident.
He also said that he was previously arrested for a drug offense, but he was just allegedly dragged into it. He maintained that he is not involved in the illegal activity.

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