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Bryan Campbell
Story by Senior Investigative Reporter Shannon Taylor
On Oct. 28 at around 7:09 p.m. Sergeant Kerry Workman conducted an investigative traffic stop on a yellow Camaro on Highway 118 and Carney Road in reference to an aggravated assault involving a handgun that had occurred at 2000 East State Line Road.
Workman made contact with the driver, 54-year-old Bryan Campbell of Dresden. Workman asked Campbell if he had been to 2000 East State Line Road, and he admitted that he had been there and had spoken with someone about a refrigerator.
Campbell told Workman that he did not produce a handgun at any time in a threatening manner towards the person. Workman then asked Campbell if he would consent to the search of his vehicle for a handgun and he complied.
Campbell was asked to exit the vehicle along with his two passengers so the search could be conducted. Campbell was informed that Workman would conduct a pat-down search and he removed a glass pipe and three 9MM rounds from his pants pockets.
Deputy Joseph Crocker asked Campbell if there were any illegal drugs in the vehicle and Campbell stated that there was marijuana in the vehicle.
During the search a container was found by the front driver’s seat that contained Schedule VI marijuana. A 9MM Taurus semi-automatic handgun was located under the front passenger’s seat in the back floorboard of the vehicle.
A black nylon bag was found containing four syringes with one syringe containing 15 CCs of field-tested liquid methamphetamine. In addition to the syringe, a clear plastic baggie containing 2.5 grams of field-tested methamphetamine was also found. A set of digital scales was also located in the center console next to the gear shift.
The two passengers of the vehicle both gave handwritten statements that all of the items were the property of Campbell. Both passengers stated that Campbell had handed the handgun and nylon bag to hide when he was pulled over. After further investigation by Workman, it was later found that Campbell was a convicted felon out of Hickman County, KY for manufacturing methamphetamine on April 26. 2001.
Campbell was charged with aggravated assault, possession of schedule II, possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of schedule VI.  Campbell was booked into the Weakley County Jail without incident.


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