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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – The DEA hosts a nationwide drug take back event.
Across the country police departments and other organizations work to create a healthier, safer community for everyone to live in.
“It serves the purpose of making sure the children don’t get to the drugs. Other subjects go through trash every day to look for any kind of narcotics, so it stops anything like that, and it basically helps stop feeding some of the drug epidemic that’s going on in the country,” Vienna PD Detective Christian Ong said.
The program doesn’t allow only prescription drugs to be turned in, you can also give back any illegal drugs that you or a loved one has. If you choose to turn in any illegal drugs you will not be reprimanded.
“No, you can bring any drugs you have whether it’s illegal or legal. If you want to get rid of it or let’s, say if you’re an addict and you are finally giving up using drugs and you have them. If you want to dispose of them the right way you can bring them to any police department,” Ong said.
This event also shouldn’t stop you from giving your drugs to create a safe environment. You can bring in any drugs throughout the entire year.
“Year round we have a metal bin in front of the police department right as soon as you walk in the main front door. You can drop off your pills, liquids, patches, anything you have you can drop it off into it then we store it until we have one of these drugs take back days.” said Ong.
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