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BULLHEAD CITY – Two weeks after a demonstration for the Bullhead City School District (BCSD) governing board, a Mohave County Sheriff Department sergeant and his K-9 partner searched Fox Creek Junior High School on Thursday for drugs.  Four classrooms and locker rooms were inspected by Sgt. Kelly McCool and Chase, a Dutch shepherd.
Chase was alerted to evidence and residue of prior narcotic possession by students, though no drugs were uncovered in Thursday’s inspection.
To comply with state and federal laws and constitutional protections, students placed their backpacks on chairs and then moved to other areas.  They were allowed to watch the inspections from a distance.  No students were personally “sniffed” by the four-legged K-9 officer.
“We are serious about reminding students and their parents that illegal drugs and contraband have no place in our schools,” said Fox Creek principal Lester Eastman.  “Students saw first-hand that we meant business.  We truly appreciate MCSO’s assistance, and look forward to Chase’s next surprise visit to our campus.”
Eastman noted that Fox Creek is cracking down on disruptions, from bad behavior in classrooms to illicit drugs on campus.  Letters to parents earlier this month explained updated disciplinary processes for students, which also include required parental involvement when students are on an improvement plan.

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