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Tulare County law enforcement agencies seized over $1.3 million dollars worth of drugs, 22 firearms, destroyed three meth labs
TULARE COUNTY – The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office in combination with other agencies took down a huge drug and firearm trafficking operation that totaled 13 arrests from around Tulare County. 
On Monday Oct. 24, according to the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, they worked with nine other law enforcement agencies in a large-scale takedown operation, putting 13 people behind bars. They seized  1,146.17 pounds of meth, 1.3 kg of cocaine, 1.69 kg of heroin, 79 pounds of marijuana, valued at more than $1.3 million dollars. In addition to the drugs, 22 guns were seized as well as $11,000 in cash. Three highly-dangerous meth labs were found, processed and destroyed as well.
The 13 people arrested were from the Tulare, Coalinga, Porterville and Alpaugh area and detectives are still searching for Raudel Corrales Ayon, 39, and Leonel Robles Meraz, 36.
The suspects face charges of possession of a controlled substance for sale, transportation, possession of a controlled substance while armed, carrying a concealed weapon in vehicle, felon in possession of firearm, obstruction, conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute and distribution and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, conspiracy to deal firearms without a license and illegal use of a communications facility.
The 13 arrested include, Oscar Contreras, 23, Antonio Alvarado Pulido, 50, Angel Sanchez 51, Alma Gonzalez, 50, Jose Luis Felix Ochoa, 32, Michael Scott Ackerman, 60, Gabriel Sicairos Leon, 24, Vickie Sanchez, 47, Juan Carlos Ruiz Jr., 24, Javier Lopez, 30, Sostenes Quintero, 30, Yurico Ayon, 36 and Monico Ayon Fernandez, 60.
Investigators with the Tulare County High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Tactical Narcotics Team (HIDTA- TNT) worked the multi-agency operation, which targeted members of a Tulare County based drug trafficking organization.
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