Importance of Disposing Unnecessary Medications – Raccoon Valley Radio

Many people have to take medications, whether it’s a prescription painkiller, over-the-counter allergy pill, or other health-related issues. But what happens when those medications are no longer needed or expired? The best thing to do is dispose of them.
Guthrie County Hospital Pharmacist Jackie Willms says the best thing to do with Expired or unnecessary medications is to dispose of them either at a local pharmacy, hospital or a courthouse. She tells Raccoon Valley Radio most of these locations have a safe deposit box for medications to be dropped off during regular business hours, and the drugs will be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. Willms points out for those unable to make it into a local disposal site, try mixing the medications into something undesirable like used kitty litter or coffee grounds before throwing them away. She advises to not flush prescription drugs down the toilet, as many can have adverse effects in the waterways.
Willms says disposal of unnecessary medications can help keep children and pets safe.
“So disposing of unused or unwanted medications is really important because it helps decrease the chance that those medications may be diverted, or misused, or even abused. It also helps decrease the chance that children or even animals can find medications around the house and consume drugs that could be harmful or even fatal to them.”
Local disposal sites can take prescription, over-the-counter and pet medications, but cannot take illegal drugs, needles, aerosol cans, medical devices or other chemicals.


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