Suspects used Mesa smoke shop as front for illegal drug operation, police say – FOX 10 News Phoenix

Following a six-month investigation, police say two men were arrested in connection to an illegal drug operation in Mesa.
Mesa Police say 31-year-old Casey Thornton and 29-year-old Davonte Williams used the Green Trail Smoke Shop, located near University Drive and Extension Road, as a front to cover up their crimes.
"With the help of the East Valley Drug Enforcement Task Force, the Mesa Police Department’s Organized Crime Section-Narcotic Unit was able to gather enough evidence through undercover operations and surveillance tactics to arrest both Thornton and Williams," police said in a news release.
At the conclusion of their investigation, police say they seized 19 handguns, four rifles, and $285,000 worth of the following drugs:
Both Thornton and Williams were booked into jail and are accused of multiple charges.
Police say two men used a Mesa smoke shop as a front to cover up their drug and weapons crimes. (Mesa Police Department)
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