San Francisco police say speeding driver took drugs before killing pedestrian – KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco

Police said the driver accused of killing one pedestrian and injuring another was speeding. Officers said 47-year-old Robert Green of Hayward took prescription drugs and cannabis before getting behind the wheel. He will appear in court Thursday.
San Francisco police said a driver accused of killing a woman and injuring another on Monday had taken prescription drugs and cannabis and was speeding.
Robert Green, 47, of Hayward allegedly struck the two senior women as they were walking in a crosswalk in the Sunset District. One of them died, and the other is in the hospital, police said.
Police said he was going 60 mph in a 25 mph zone. Green told responding officers that his brakes failed.
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Green was arrested for vehicular manslaughter and will likely appear in court Thursday.
"This incident highlights the broader challenges in our city right now in keeping, ensuring safety on our streets for pedestrians and especially our most vulnerable, our seniors and families with kids," said San Francisco Supervisor Gordon Mar.
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