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Unusually high rates of drug overdoses occurred Oct. 23 in Lorain County, according to a news release from Lorain County Public Health.
Emergency departments, first responders and the Lorain County Coroner’s Office provided this data, the release said.
This rapid increase included multiple drug overdoses, including fatalities, according to the release.
So far in 2022 in Lorain County, 82 people have died from a drug overdose; 71 of those deaths were due to opioids, the release said.
Fentanyl is being mixed with all street drugs, including cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin, according to the release.
Fentanyl is a dangerous synthetic opioid that you can’t see, smell or taste.
Local and national officials confirm that brightly colored rainbow fentanyl has become more common, the release said.
“If you are using drugs that are not from a pharmacy, have naloxone with you, and never use alone,” said Mark Adams, Lorain County Public Health commissioner.
Lorain County Public Health recommends the following to reduce risk of death:
• Never use alone. Call 1-800-484-3731 or visit neverusealone.com.
• Carry naloxone. Pick up nearby or order by mail at bit.ly/3AyWeo0.
• Test drugs for fentanyl, exchange syringes, and get support at 3150 Clifton Ave. in Lorain. Harm Reduction Clinic details at  nordcenter.org/supportservices/harm-reduction-clinic/.
• Get help with your addiction. Call 1-800-888-6161 or visit MHARSLC.org.
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