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On August 6, 2022 Officers from the Upper Makefield Police Department were dispatched to a traffic accident in the area of Hayhurst Drive.  The caller stated the vehicle struck an electrical box and was now on fire and the driver was outside of the vehicle.  Witnesses at the scene identified the driver who was shirtless and sitting on the curb near the scene of the crash.  The male operating the vehicle was identified as Jandre Erwee from New Jersey. 
Officers spoke with Erwee who stated he took mushrooms earlier in the day as well as smoked marijuana.  Erwee did not know where he was and was acting in an erratic and paranoid state.  Due to the minor injuries and the mental state of confusion and paranoia, Erwee was taken to the Saint Mary Medical Center for further evaluation.   Erwee provided a blood sample and charges were filed with the District Court located in Newtown, PA. 
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