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Suspended sentence for pervert jailed in 2017 over rape of schoolgirl aged just 12 at time
Conaire Adams-Whyte
Conaire Adams-Whyte
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A CHILD rapist who got his 12-year-old victim pregnant has been handed a suspended sentence for possession of tranquilliser drugs.
Conaire Adams-Whyte (26), from west Belfast but currently of no fixed abode, was convicted of rape in 2017 and jailed for under a year, sparking outcry from politicians.
Since his release, the sex offender has been in front of the courts on numerous occasions for minor offences and was again in trouble with the law last week.
During a brief hearing at Laganside Magistrates Court, the child abuser entered a guilty plea to a single charge of possession of a Class C drug.
It is understood the drug was alprazolam, better known as Xanax, a powerful benzodiazepine tranquilliser.
After admitting the offence, the defendant was sentenced to one month in prison, suspended for 18 months. A destruction order was also made for the drugs.
In August last year, Sunday Life reported how depraved Adams-Whyte had been fined for possessing heroin and cannabis.
Prosecutors told the court police were alerted to him behaving suspiciously on the junction of Rosemary Street and Lombard Street in Belfast city centre on February 15 last year.

Conaire Adams-Whyte

During a search, cops found two “lumps” of heroin, and he was arrested and taken into custody, the court heard.
Following a further search while in police custody, three small “chunks” of herbal cannabis were found on his person.
During interview the following day, Adams-Whyte told police he had no recollection of being arrested.
District Judge Austin Kennedy fined him £400 for possession of Class B and C drugs, as well as ordering him to pay a £15 offender levy.
In February 2017, then aged 20, Adams-Whyte pleaded guilty to a single charge of raping a schoolgirl in the bedroom of his home.
He was handed a 10-and-a-half-month sentence, leading to an outcry from DUP and Green Party politicians, who said they were dismayed by the length of the tariff.
His victim later gave birth to the child at the age of 14 and was reportedly supported by her family in the raising of the infant.
In February 2020, Sunday Life exclusively revealed Adams-Whyte had been seen back walking the streets of his native west Belfast, sparking fear among locals.
The paedophile was spotted on the Falls Road, leading to concerns that he was living in the area again.
This was after he had been convicted at Belfast Magistrates Court of unlawfully possessing diazepam.
Adams-Whyte had been living with a relative at a flat complex near Hamill Street.
However, he left the property shortly before Christmas 2019 after vigilantes smashed one of the windows.
He was also confronted by a group of angry parents who told him in no uncertain terms not to come back.
The paedophile’s 2017 court case heard how he groomed and then raped his 12-year-old victim while she was being babysat in his west Belfast home by his mother, who was not present at the time.
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