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A man who had a drug overdose becomes a Holy Spirit-empowered man after a powerful encounter with Jesus.
Since he was a kid, Eric already liked getting into trouble, because it made him feel cool. That’s why he had already experienced stealing a car, shooting his neighbors’ houses at a very young age, and starting a fire in a school. To him, doing illegal behaviors was fun. And he also loved the attention it gave him.
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Soon, Eric began using drugs and drinking alcohol. It became his goal as a kid to try every kind of illegal drug. He even didn’t make a big deal about being sent to jail. Because to him, it was just a part of life. It wouldn’t be long before the prison became his comfort zone. Then when Eric got out of prison, he returned to his addiction.
One day, a policeman approached Eric for jaywalking while he was out to sell drugs. To hide the crack he brought, he swallowed everything. He wasn’t caught, and the police released him. But as soon as he reached his friend’s house, he fell to the ground due to a drug overdose. And the next thing he knew, he was admitted to the hospital.
Eric suddenly heard a voice on his hospital bed telling him, “I spared your life for reason.”
Soon, he entered a rehab program where he heard about the Good News found in Jesus Christ. At first, it felt strange for him, until one evening, he joined a church service alone.
“God, if You could just reveal Yourself to me some ways,” he told God. And the Holy Spirit showed up and Eric tangibly felt His Presence. It caught him off-guard, but that experience led him to surrender his life to Jesus.
Watch how God transformed his life and turned him into a man full of the power of the Holy Spirit, leading many people to Jesus.
Reference | The 700 Club
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