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The ex-girlfriend of tennis star Nick Kyrgios has revealed that she turned to alcohol and drugs to cope in the aftermath of her breakup with the top-20 player.
Chiara Passari, 23, posted on Instagram that she had lost “all hope in love, in myself and in any form of happiness and meaning” and instead looked to drugs and alcohol “to help.”
“Never being able to genuinely smile or understand my purpose in this life,” Passari wrote on Instagram. “Losing all my appetite / being disgusted by food and instead looking towards alcohol and drugs to help.
“Then spontaneously moving to a new city, hearing my laugh again, finding my people, loving food again, becoming excited for life. Being closer to my family than I ever have been and starting over.”
Passari has accused the controversial Kyrgios of assault, stemming from an incident in December. The alleged incident occurred after Passari accused Kyrgios of cheating.
“It’s all in the universes hands and is all one big f–ked up journey but all I know is we will always come out the other end to reach the light,” Passari wrote.
In the ACT Magistrates Court on Tuesday, Kyrgios’ legal team sought to have a charge of common assault thrown out on mental health grounds, with lawyer Michael Kukulies-Smith asking for an adjournment to assist them in preparing a report.
The relevant legislation allows the courts to dismiss a charge if they are satisfied the accused has a mental impairment and is dealing with the matter in a way that benefits them and the community.
Kyrgios, who is in Tokyo playing at the Japan Open, did not attend court.
In December, Kyrgios started a new relationship with Sydney blogger and influencer Costeen Hatzi.
Hatzi, 21, has since traveled with Kyrgios to Wimbledon, the US Open, and became a prominent fixture of his team.
“Dear Coz, what a journey we have been on already,” Kyrgios wrote in September. “My life has honestly never been the same since I’ve met you, you continue to make me smile and be everything I need in tough moments.
“There will always be struggle in life & and I only ever want to ride the ups and downs with you. We explore the world and continue to experience all the craziness out there, but this is just a small reminder that I love you & you are my best friend.”
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