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Four Winona men were arrested recently on drug charges following an investigation that lasted about a year and a half.
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics began an investigation into the drug distribution activities Michael Fleming conducted in and around Winona, according to a statement released by Sheriff Jeff Tompkins. 
“The investigators employed various types of covert techniques in order to uncover the details of the alleged criminal activities of Fleming,” Tompkins stated.
Authorities obtained a warrant to search the premises of 730 Greensboro Street in Winona on July 7, and Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies and MBN agents served the search warrant.
“This location is one of the places that Fleming was using to operate his drug business,” Tompkins stated. “Fleming had also enlisted others to help facilitate the distribution of illegal drugs.”

According to the release, the search yielded several types of dangerous, illegal substances, including methamphetamine, fentanyl, crack cocaine and cocaine that deputies seized. 
Along with Fleming, deputies arrested Quincy Buckhalter, Lamarquis Buckhalter and Micky Buckhalter in this operation, Tompkins stated.
“A Glock handgun was recovered that one of the defendants had on their person,” Tompkins stated. “As with all narcotics investigations, the need for secrecy is important not only to protect the people conducting the investigation but to prevent potential defendants from catching on to what is taking place. There are not many drug dealers who will willingly sell drugs to the law enforcement agents who will arrest them for doing so.”According to Tompkins, the sheriff’s department is always working to make drug arrests.  Although it’s not always visible to the public, a lot of hard work is going on behind the scenes.  
Tompkins said news of the investigation and arrests was delayed to protect officers involved in the investigation.

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