Letter to the editor: Toxic drug traffickers should get longer jail terms – Prince George Citizen

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I support "prescribed safe supply" that is proposed to be more widely available in all of B.C. It only includes treatment medications to help addicts that want to quit "street drugs.” I am against any "safe supply" that includes prescribed illicit drugs, unless specifically for the purpose of weaning a willing addict off of street drugs.
The latter has to be monitored by blood and other tests to ensure only prescribed drugs are being used. Reducing overdose/toxicity deaths can and should be accomplished by funding legal means, such as extreme sentences for selling/supplying "toxic combinations of illegal drugs" that are likely to cause death. Severe penalties will eventually lead to a safer street drug supply if we penalize safe illegal drug suppliers less than those providing unsafe combinations. All selling/distributing illegal drugs should be treated harshly as it is causing harm.
Mike Reimer
Prince George
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