Lafayette Drug Bust: Numerous Complaints Lead Officers to Cocaine Stash – News Talk 96.5 KPEL

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"If you see something, say something."
It's what law enforcement officers constantly request people do when they see something they feel is suspicious. This Lafayette neighborhood listened to that request. And because of that more illegal drugs are off the streets.
Lafayette Police say a home at 221 Marne Street has been the subject of numerous complaints alleging illegal drug activity. This is a neighborhood just off of Louisiana Avenue on the north side of Lafayette near the Domingue Recreation Center and Holy Rosary Institute.
So, on Tuesday, armed with a search warrant, a SWAT team went to the home and say the suspicions were confirmed. Once inside officers say they found powder cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, and two digital scales.
Two people were arrested by officers – 60-year-old Vincent R. Phillips and 49-year-old Kim Arceneaux.


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