Criminal Complaint: 2 arrested after police find drugs in luggage at Greyhound Service Station in Amarillo – KFDA

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Amarillo police have arrested two men on two separate days for possession of drugs at the Greyhound Service Station.
According to criminal complaint, on Oct. 1, an Amarillo police K-9 officer who was working at the Greyhound Service Station found a grey and black hand luggage that was positive for narcotics in the passenger compartment.
While searching in the bag, the officer found 10 Ziploc bags wrapped tightly in cellphone wrapping that further contained contraband.
The officer found a tag with information of a phone number, a destination and a name of “Tony Delgado.” They then spoke to the bus driver confirming there was a “Tony Delgado” on the roster.
The driver told the officer that he saw a man sitting in the seat next to the luggage containing the narcotics. Agents then made a plan to arrest the owner of the bag during his re-entry into the bus.
Officers arrested “Delgado” who was later identified as Semein Cruz.
During further search in the bag, agents found methamphetamine in a phone charger.
According to street estimates, the drugs are worth around $362,000.
The following day, on Oct. 2, according to criminal complaint, an Amarillo police K-9 officer was working a bus interdiction at the station and found a large black Rawlings Bag in the passenger compartment that was positive for narcotics.
While searching in the bag, the officer found a handgun hidden within the clothes and also found eight bundles of fentanyl pills.
The officer received the description of the owner of the bag and searched the passengers boarding the bus.
Brandon P Johnson was detained by the officers.
Johnson admitted to transporting the pills along with admitting to owning the firearm.
According to street estimates, the drugs are valued around $1.6 million.
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