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RAPID CITY, S.D.- Meet Rapid City Police Department’s K9 Max! His handler is Roan Reiman, a patrol officer of over 8 years.
Max is trained to find drugs and evidence, as well as people. “I do more nowadays with the proactive side of things, looking for the people that victimize the citizens of the city and the county, looking for the illegal drugs, the significant violent offenders, that type of thing,” Officer Reiman explains. 
K9 trainers tap into the natural instincts of dogs and utilize these abilities for public safety. Many dogs, especially Max, love to hunt, and they do this by tracking down scents. So, K9s can be trained to hunt the scent of a human or of illegal drugs, and locate the source of the smell.
Belgian Malinois are chosen specifically for their endurance and drive characteristics. “Our dogs come from Europe, they’re bred and raised in Europe, and Europe has a longstanding tradition with everything from hunting dogs to working dogs to sport dogs…so they’re very specialized in the breeding, raising, the training, all of that in Europe. So we select dogs from there because they’re kind of a step ahead in that field,” Office Reiman adds.
Max likes to exercise, play, and be a regular dog at home. He also enjoys hiking, visiting the lake, and going on morning runs with his humans.
“Your partner is always there…if you get called out, or we get called out as a team, it makes it a lot easier because we just both jumped in the patrol vehicle and go to where we’re needed,” Officer Reiman concludes. 
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