Police: 21-year-old caught with drugs, pills and cash at Southlake Mall – FOX 5 Atlanta

A 21-year-old man is potentially facing charges after he was caught with marijuana, pills, and thousands of dollars in cash at Southlake Mall.
The Morrow Police Department shared a photo of what they found on Facebook Friday.
According to police, officers responded to a call at the mall Thursday night.
At the scene, officers made contact with 21-year-old Jeremiah Stallings, who police say "volunteered" a small bag of marijuana to them. 
A search of his bag, however, led police to find an additional 15 ounces of marijuana, 25 Oxycodone pills, five bags of edibles, a scale, and $2,200 in cash. 
"Thanks for your cooperation Jeremiah," a spokesperson for the Morrow Police Department wrote on Facebook.
It is not known what charges Stallings may face in connection to the incident. 
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