Panama: Services seize 3 tonnes of drugs – TVP World

Panama’s National Naval Air Service reported that police have seized 2.9 tonnes of drugs in several operations carried out in the last few hours in the Central American country, a point of entry into Central America for drugs destined for the United States.
“There have been 95 effective operations. In this case, in the last three, we seized 2,006 packages [of drugs] in the Caribbean area in Guna Yala, Rio Sereno, and 990 packages in the areas next to ports of the Caribbean, worth a total of USD 240 mln,” Rafael Callejas, Chief of Operations of the National Naval Air Service, said.

In 2021, services in Central America seized close to 250 tonnes of drugs, a record amount due to an increase in cocaine production, the release of drugs stockpiled during the COVID-19 pandemic and new strategies to move them to Europe and the United States, the world’s largest “consumer” of cocaine .

According to official data, with 128.7 tonnes – mostly cocaine – Panama led Central America in seizures last year.

In the last year, there has also been an increase in seizures in Panamanian ports in the Caribbean, which are sometimes used by drug traffickers to move illicit substances to Europe, where the price for their sale is higher.
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