Police: Son punches dad in face for money to buy drugs – Brownsville Herald

A 43-year-old Brownsville man is accused of punching his father not once but twice in the face after the father refused to give him money for drugs and refused to take the drugs his son gave him.
Francisco Lopez Jr., 43, was arrested by the Brownsville Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Unit Thursday at the 300 block of Staunton Street, said Investigator Martin Sandoval, spokesman for Brownsville PD.
He is charged with one count of assault family violence impeding breath and injury to elderly/disabled person.
Sandoval said Lopez was arguing with his father because he wanted money to buy drugs, but the father refused to give him any money. It was right after that Lopez allegedly grabbed his father by the neck and started to punch him in the face.
“Lopez was also squeezing the victim’s neck impeding his breath,” Sandoval said.
The father managed to break free from his son’s grip and went to the backyard, Sandoval said.
Lopez returned several minutes later, went to the backyard, and offered his father drugs, Sandoval said. Because the father refused to take the drugs, Lopez began to assault his dad again.
Sandoval said the father managed to get away, went to a nearby store and called the police.
A warrant for Lopez’s arrest was issued, and he was taken into custody. He was arraigned Thursday morning on the charges, and his bond was set at $50,000.


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