LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The mess created against us – Odessa American

The past 20 months our southern border has been wide open to illegal drugs, migration, sex trafficking, and other smuggling operations. Millions of migrants from all over the world have entered without permission by our laws. More than one million have been caught, processed, then released into the country, rather than being returned. No one knows how many were bussed, flown, or transported by rail by the Federal Government at tax payer expense. These illegal migrants are provided food, housing, education, and voter registration focus. Our local schools are forced to deal with this, causing increased teacher shortages, overloaded facilities, reduction in general student academic progress, increased food costs, and greater opportunity for crime in schools.
Wait a minute, voter registration? What do I mean by that? Noncitizens cannot vote, right? As we witnessed during the 2020 election, many methods were employed to increase vote fraud. Bundling, drop boxes, cross district voting, cross state line absentee voting, multiple state voting by a person, resurrection voting (the dead rise from the grave to vote), etc. So, the new administration has organized to…organize for the upcoming election cycles. I didn’t want to believe our president would use the agencies of our federal government in this way, I certainly was naive.I stumbled across a news article explaining that this is exactly what is going to happen, by executive order. It was to be hidden until after the coming November election. Hidden from us by—our Department of Justice. Read it for yourself…if you dare (tinyurl.com/yc8bpr5w). It made me sick.
Doug Moss


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