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In Texas, a Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy was taken to a hospital after consuming seized drug he says he thought was “candy.” The stash came from a safety sweep of an apartment that resulted in a large seizure of “marijuana and boxes of edibles and mushrooms.” The deputy was taken to a hospital but released the same day.
From ABC13:
The drugs were colorful in nature and divided into clear plastic baggies and packed in a box[…]
“Evidence cannot be sat anywhere when it is not secure,” retired Texas Rangers Chief Tony Leal said. “Once you remove evidence, then it’s got to be in the custody of someone or in a place that cannot be tampered with, period.”
An astonishing report from CNN: “I went and talked to my son and I told him, ‘They’re gonna have more cops. They’re gonna have higher fencing. And he wasn’t having it,” said Zayon’s father, Adam Martinez. “He said, ‘It doesn’t matter. They’re not gonna protect us.'” Uvalde’s made a big song and dance of hiring… READ THE REST
I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a parent in Uvalde, Texas, sending their kids back to school to be in the presence of the same useless, posturing school district cops who cowered in the hallways as a gunman slaughtered 19 of their friends. They’re back on the job for a new school year.… READ THE REST
Police participation at Pride is sometimes fraught, given the history of police violence against gay people, but cops in Lincoln, England, were invited Saturday to join in with one of the gayest dances of all. And who can’t dance to the Macarena! @lincspolice All fun down at Lincoln Pride! 😃🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 — Lincoln Police (@LincolnPoliceUK)… READ THE REST
Everyone knows the awful feeling; you have an important thought, but you don’t have anywhere to jot it down, and before you know it the thought is gone. For those of us without a photographic memory, it’s vital to be able to record our thoughts so they aren’t lost forever. If you’re someone who is sick of… READ THE REST
You may have hopped around and landed many jobs in your career. And while your tasks at these various gigs may have been different, you likely used Microsoft’s slew of apps and programs to get them done. After all, the Microsoft Office suite contains some of the most widely used in the professional sphere. But if you’re still not super… READ THE REST
We think everyone can unanimously agree that, while nature can be absolutely stunning, there’s danger afoot everywhere you walk. That’s not to say you’re primed for becoming a tasty bear snack every time you step out of your front door (unless you’re a mountain person, in which case — yikes!), but emergencies happen.  When all goes south,… READ THE REST
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