Month: September 2022

Funding increases for area drug task force – Peninsula Daily News

OPNET includes many Peninsula jurisdictions PORT ANGELES — A statewide reduction in the number of multi-jurisdictional drug task forces means the Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Task Force received more money for the 2023 fiscal year than in the past, Clallam County Chief Deputy Brian King said. The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office administers funds for the

Korean pharma immersed in AI drug development < Pharma < 기사본문 – KBR

An artificial intelligence (AI)-based new drug development boom has erupted among Korean pharmaceutical companies.According to industry insiders, AI ​​platform makes the new drug development process stable and efficient.The platform provides services such as analyzing data based on extensive research data and hospital medical records accumulated over a long period and predicting the efficacy of newly found

Traffic stop for window tint leads to firearms and drugs –

LEXINGTON, S.C. — An early morning traffic stop leads Lexington officers on a foot chase and meth, marijuana and a gun. According to Lexington Police officers attempted to make a traffic stop early Thursday (9/28) for speeding and a dark window tint. RELATED: Father, teenage son arrested in shooting of rapper PnB Rock in LAOfficers, according to

Two Grand Traverse County People Arraigned on Drug Charges After Receiving Drugs in the Mail – 9 & 10 News – 9&10 News

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Israeli tech can reduce side-effects and increase range of cancer drugs: scientists – The Times of Israel

Nathan Jeffay is The Times of Israel’s health and science correspondentScientists say that new Israeli technology could dramatically reduce the side effects of cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, by making precision dosing possible for drugs that are currently administered to the whole body.The invention could also revive numerous treatments that are today considered unsafe and enable