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Items seized during a drug investigation in La Crosse, Wisconsin on Monday, June 6. Courtesy of La Crosse Police.
Police say the 10’x10′ storage unit had been converted into a ‘pill press laboratory’ with thousands of USPS boxes.
A search warrant of a small storage unit in La Crosse turned up illegal drugs worth nearly $1.03 million, according to the La Crosse Police Department. 
A 26-year-old man with a history drug and firearm convictions has been arrested and now faces over a dozen new charges.  
Police searched the suspect's home and vehicle on Monday and discovered a lease for a storage unit, for which investigators obtained an additional search warrant. 
At the unit, investigators discovered a "pill press laboratory" with ingredients to make counterfeit Xanax, and thousands of USPS boxes. 
Items seized during the search include: 
"The estimated street value of these dangerous drugs is more than $1,027,000.00," the police stated, adding the investigation is ongoing. 
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Police say the 10’x10′ storage unit had been converted into a ‘pill press laboratory’ with thousands of USPS boxes.
The crash occurred Wednesday morning at the Raymond Avenue Station.
The announcement comes after recent mass shootings happening around the country.
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A man taken into custody has since been released pending further investigation.
A city official said the nature of the crimes are getting “more bold and aggressive.”
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Construction work at the two sites will start this spring, the clinic said.
The attack happened Sunday morning just before 4 a.m.
The incident is currently under investigation.
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