MO legal cannabis bill stalls ahead of expected vote (Newsletter: May 3, 2022) – Marijuana Moment

Missouri Marijuana Activists Say They’ve Exceeded Signature Requirements For Legalization Ballot Measures As Prospects For Separate Reform Bills Dwindle
FDA Issues First Warning Letters Targeting Delta-8 THC Products It Says Are Being Illegally Marketed
ACLU Of Nevada Says Cops Are Exploiting Cannabis Loophole To Continue Arrests Despite Legalization (Op-Ed)
Delaware Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill In Committee Again Following Procedural Misstep
Missouri House Committee Approves Joint Resolution To Put Marijuana Legalization On The Ballot
Federal Agency Explores Benefits Of The ‘Controversial Tree’ Kratom
State With Legal Marijuana Have Less Impaired Driving, Study Finds
Marijuana Legalization Tied To ‘Significant Reductions’ In Prescription Drug Use, Researchers Find
Marijuana Legalization Tied To Significant Decrease In Foster Care Placements, New Study Finds
Feeding Cows Hemp Helps Them Chill Out, Federally Funded Study Finds
Politicians And Government Agencies Celebrate 4/20 As Marijuana Legalization Movement Spreads
Brands, Celebs And Organizations Celebrate Marijuana Holiday 4/20 Amid Push For Federal Legalization
Florida Officials Invite Students Grades 4-12 To Invent New Uses For Hemp As Part Of Essay Contest
U.K. Lawyer Dons Vegan Hemp Wig As Alternative To Horsehair, Disrupting Centuries-Long Tradition
More Americans Say It Would Be Better If People Used Marijuana Instead Of Alcohol, Poll Shows
Missouri Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Medical Marijuana Licensing Caps
Kellogg, Pepsi And Other Major Brands Ask Congress To Stop Marijuana-Infused Copycat Foods
New Jersey Sold Nearly $2 Million In Adult-Use Marijuana On First Day Of Sales, State Data Shows
Ohio Could Generate $375 Million In Marijuana Tax Revenue Annually If State Legalizes, New Report Finds
Even Ben & Jerry’s Is Fed Up With Senate Inaction On Marijuana Legalization
South Dakota Activists Turn In Signatures To Put Marijuana Legalization On The Ballot
Pro-Legalization GOP Congressman Calls Biden A ‘Recalcitrant Boomer’ On Marijuana Policy
Federal Agency Explores Benefits Of The ‘Controversial Tree’ Kratom
Top Schumer Aide Talks Next Steps For Marijuana Legalization And Cannabis Banking Reform
New Hampshire Senate Defeats Two House-Passed Marijuana Legalization Bills
SD cannabis ballot signatures submitted (Newsletter: May 4, 2022)
MO legal cannabis bill stalls ahead of expected vote (Newsletter: May 3, 2022)
Top Schumer aide talks cannabis strategy (Newsletter: May 2, 2022)
Food companies concerned over cannabis-infused copycats (Newsletter: April 29, 2022)
Less cannabis-impaired driving in legalized states, study finds (Newsletter: April 28, 2022)
GOP congressman: Biden a cannabis “boomer”; FL ag commissioner’s Marijuana Moment op-ed; Poll: WA voters back drug decrim; Federal kratom briefing
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A Missouri Republican representative who expected his marijuana legalization bill to get a floor vote on Monday is blaming the House majority floor leader for instead “holding up” the legislation.

Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Nikki Fried, who is running for the state’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination, describes in a new Marijuana Moment op-ed how her lawsuit on Second Amendment rights for medical cannabis patients is part of a push to get the federal government to evolve on marijuana.

A poll found that 53 percent of Washington State voters support or lean toward supporting a drug decriminalization initiative that activists just launched a signature drive to place on the November ballot.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called out President Joe Biden for being a “recalcitrant boomer” who has failed to follow through on his marijuana campaign promises.

The National Institutes of Health hosted a presentation on the potential benefits of kratom, titled, “Can a Controversial Tree Help End the Opioid Crisis?”


National Institute on Drug Abuse Director Nora Volkow said research does not support the efficacy of forced treatment for substance misuse issues.

The Internal Revenue Service denied nonprofit status to an organization that wants to fund research on the benefits of psychedelics.

Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Mike Lee (R-UT), Roger Wicker (R-MS) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) filed a bil to reduce the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine to 2.5:1.

Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is being sued for allegedly misappropriating proprietary marijuana legalization strategies from a campaign he did not end up joining.

House Small Business Committee Republicans highlighted a company that makes store fixtures for the cannabis market.

Florida Democratic Senate candidate Allen Ellison tweeted, “An estimated 40k Americans are incarcerated for marijuana offenses. In contrast, the overall legal cannabis industry is booming. I think it’s way past time to decriminalize cannabis use, possession and the sale of it. We need a new path forward.”

Georgia Democratic congressional candidate Vincent Ford discussed his support for decriminalizing marijuana.


Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Cranley, a former Cincinnati mayor, tweeted, “It’s time to end the war on drugs in Ohio. When I’m governor, we’re going to legalize cannabis and invest that tax revenue right back into our communities. We’re going to create 120,000 good-paying jobs for Ohioans.”

Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore’s ties to Green Thumb Industries present potential conflicts of interest if he is elected, according to a media report.

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, a former congressman,  spoke about his support for marijuana legalization.

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams discussed her support for decriminalizing marijuana.

Kansas’s House majority leader said a medical cannabis bill could be dead for the year unless the Senate shows more interest. The chairman of the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee said the reform will be in “full effect in the next few years” but “I don’t know if it’ll be this year.”

The Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee tweeted, “Legalized marijuana in NJ is complicating accountability for those facing legal consequences for illegal drug use in PA.”

A Tennessee bill to regulate delta-8 THC products was tabled.

Massachusetts’s top marijuana regulator resigned from his position.

Utah regulators filed medical cannabis cultivation and testing rules.

Montana regulators filed amended rules on the marijuana product packaging and labeling application and approval process.

California regulators published an FAQ clarifying that out-of-state hemp products can be sold in the state.

Connecticut regulators have received more than 4,700 applications to win marijuana business licenses in a lottery.

A Minnesota Department of Human Rights report about the Minneapolis Police Department cited public defenders’ claims that officers pretend to smell marijuana to justify searching vehicles.

Oregon regulators released a list of questions and answers about psilocybin testing, tracking and accreditation.

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Photo courtesy of Chris Wallis // Side Pocket Images.
SD cannabis ballot signatures submitted (Newsletter: May 4, 2022)
Top Schumer aide talks cannabis strategy (Newsletter: May 2, 2022)
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