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JACKSON, Tenn. — The U.S. Department of Justice announces a Texas man who attempted to distribute illegal drugs in West Tennessee has been sentenced to over 22 years in prison.
According to a news release, 35-year-old William Hill, Jr., of Lewisville, Texas conspired with convicted methamphetamine dealer James Elmer Sneed to sell drugs to a woman in Jackson.
Court documents show that while traveling from Arkansas to Georgia in January 2018, Sneed stopped in Jackson and was contacted by Hill. Sneed rented a hotel room at Country Inn & Suites and arranged a meeting between Hill and an unidentified female.
A release states that Sneed left Jackson and let Hill use the room for the purpose of storing and selling narcotics to the female and others.
Two days after checking in, officers with the Jackson Police Department were called to the hotel to assist management with the removal of the occupants. Management reported heavy foot traffic coming to and from the room, along with the odor of marijuana. Management claimed the occupants also continuously refused housekeeping service.
According to the release, officers entered the room and observed a meth pipe on the bed and discovered additional narcotics and money in an open safe.
Hill and the female were removed from the room and a search warrant was obtained.
The search of the room revealed over 400 grams of crystal meth, three sets of digital scales, five meth pipes, a cutting agent, and over $2,500 in cash.
On November 9, 2021, Hill was found guilty of conspiring with Sneed and the drug charges brought against him.
On April 5, 2022, Hill was sentenced to 272 months imprisonment followed by five years of supervised release.
The release also states that Sneed was sentenced to 120 months in prison on Feburary 25, 2022.
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