A major East Coast drug ring will not be setting up their operations in Giddings thanks to cooperation between the Lee County District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Homeland Security.
Federal agents were investigating a case that originated out of the state of Maryland involving a major narcotics distribution network.
During the course of their investigation, Homeland Security intercepted communications from one of the suspects discussing the purchase of property near Austin, which later turned out to be a house in Giddings.
A fiduciary in Giddings received $250,000 from the suspects to complete the purchase of the home.
Authorities believe the home was going to be used as a stash house, because of its strategic location between Houston and Austin.
Lee County District Attorney Martin Placke assisted Homeland Security in getting a search warrant from a local district judge.
After executing the search warrant, authorities seized $253,463.13, which are alleged to have been proceeds from the sale of illegal narcotics.
Placke said that he was glad to participate in helping to keep drugs and drug dealers out of Lee County.
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