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An almost yearlong investigation has resulted in the arrest and charging of a man who police believe provided drugs to a person that resulted in the victim’s death.
On March 21, Brian Robinson was charged with delivery of a controlled substance causing death, delivery of a controlled substance containing fentanyl, and habitual offender — third offense notice.
Upon conviction, the maximum punishment on these charges is life in prison.
These serious criminal charges are the result of a 10-month investigation by the Wyandotte Police Department’s detective bureau. Lead investigator Ken Groat coordinated the investigation with the assistance of the Michigan State Police Drug Task Force and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.
Twenty-seventh District Judge Elizabeth DiSanto issued a $1 million bond.
Deputy Police Chief Archie Hamilton said there is often a misconception that police don’t go after suspected drug dealers with the effort required to punish them and get them off the streets. He said nothing could be further from the truth.
“These officers take this personally,” Hamilton said. “Almost everyone has been touched by drug addiction in their families, including police officers. We are going after these dealers.”
One issue that makes this type of case difficult to prove is the fact that in many instances the only witness to the crime — the victim — is deceased.
According to Hamilton, when charges aren’t filed against suspected drug peddlers in cases that lead to death, it’s not because police haven’t tried. In most instances it’s because they don’t have enough evidence to take the case to court.
In the criminal case against Robinson, Hamilton said police “turned over every rock they could” to get to the facts and were able to line up evidence they believe will prove his culpability.
“This incident should put anyone selling drugs on notice,” Hamilton said. “Our detective bureau and special operations division aggressively pursue those who contribute to the deterioration of our community by selfishly delivering poison to our citizens.”
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