DeSoto Police Department Seizes Thousands In Illegal Drugs On Friday – Focusdailynews

On Friday afternoon DeSoto’s Police Department announced the DeSoto Police Criminal Investigations Division (CID) confiscated about 4,200 ml of promethazine, 1,800 grams of Marijuana, 22 grams of Ecstasy, 320 grams of Fentanyl and two firearms.
Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is up to 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. It is a major contributor to fatal and nonfatal overdoses in the U.S.
The drugs combined have an approximate street value of $42,000.00. An individual was arrested, but DeSoto Police did not release additional information at this time.
As DeSoto Police Chief Costa recently reminded citizens at a townhall this week, DeSoto needs community involvement to help report incidents, etc. “We want to partner with the community. If you see something, say something. We want citizens to feel more comfortable with calling the Police.” Chief Costa said. He gave multiple examples of incidents that happened, like the shooting on February 26, that involved over 70 shots being fired at a home in the block of 500 Newcastle Drive, where they didn’t receive information from the public. *No injuries reported with this shooting.
Reminder for anyone that wants to report unusual or suspicious activity to the DeSoto Police Department: Non-Emergency Dispatch: 972-223-6111, 24/7, or the main number 469-658-3000, which is answered  Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM. All information is kept confidential, but its important for the information to be reported in a timely manner.

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