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Hyderabad becoming hub for illegal drugs under TRS, flays BJP (Representational Image)
Hyderabad: The state BJP congratulated the Hyderabad task force for raiding a pub in Banjara Hills and arresting over 150 people on Sunday night.

In a press release, BJP stated that it stands vindicated on the charge that Hyderabad is becoming a hub for narcotics and illegal drugs under TRS rule.

It is utter negligence by the government in enforcing Anti-narcotic laws in the State, which has directly paved the way to turn the city into a narcotics supermarket, it said.

The BJP said that media reports are highlighting selective arrests. “It’s evident that many high profile drug abusers with film and political backgrounds are being sent out of the police station indiscriminately. BJP urges Telangana police to not succumb to political pressure and take strict legal action both on drug suppliers and users arrested in this raid”.

BJP demanded Hyderabad Police Commissioner to release the list of all those arrested in the raid and ensure no exemptions are given. Pressure from politicians or film stars should not fizzle out in this case. The BJP reminded the death of a young boy due to excessive drug consumption recently and added that many young people are getting addicted to this dangerous menace in Hyderabad.

BJP would not want Hyderabad’s brand image to be tarnished by an unprecedented increase in narcotics & drugs abuse in the city.
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