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April 1, 2022 / 2:19 PM / CBS News
Six Pennsylvania middle school students were hospitalized Thursday morning after eating what the school described as “drug-laced edibles,” reports CBS Pittsburgh.
A notice posted to the South Allegheny School District’s website Thursday said that around 8:30 a.m. the students “experienced severe sickness within minutes of each other.”
It is not clear what the ingested drugs were. A South Allegheny Middle School student who said she witnessed the children get sick told CBS Pittsburgh that another student was offering her peers what appeared to be chocolate.
Soon after the students who ate it became dizzy and nauseous. The witness said one described being unable to feel her feet.
“People were crying and freaking out,” she said.
Gordan Carter told CBS Pittsburgh that his granddaughter was one of the students who got sick. He said she was taken from her first hospital to a specialty children’s hospital because her heart rate and troponin levels were “extremely high.”
Carter said his granddaughter is a good kid and an honor roll student. He said her condition “is very serious.”
Thursday night, police investigating the case executed a search warrant at a nearby home. No charges have been filed. 
First published on April 1, 2022 / 2:19 PM
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