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Two unrelated domestic incidents within seven hours in Jeannette led to the arrests of two men and a woman after police said they found drugs at both homes, according to court papers.
Both men — Alvin Williams, 45, of Jeannette; and Lamont N. Edmonds, 31, of Wilkinsburg — are being held at the Westmoreland County Prison without bail.
City police were first called at 10 p.m. Sunday to a South Second Street home and found Williams and Briann M. Valliere, 37, fighting. While officers were talking with the pair, they noticed several pieces of drug paraphernalia lying around, according to court papers.
During a search, police reported finding evidence of items typically used for packaging drugs and a shotgun, as well as stamp bags in Williams’ pocket.
Two girls who were home at the time left with a family member, police said. Williams and Valliere are facing possession with intent to deliver and related charges. Valliere, who is free on $5,000 unsecured bail, also is charged with child endangerment and reckless endangerment.
Officers got a second call about a domestic around 4:30 a.m. Monday on St. Clair Avenue.
A woman told police Edmonds pointed a gun at her and she fled to a neighboring home, according to court papers. During a search, authorities said they found $4,500, a knife, a machete and a digital scale near Edmonds’ belongings and they spotted a box that apparently had been tossed out a second story window into the snow, according to court papers.
In the box and kitchen, police said they found several bags of suspected drugs, including crack cocaine and marijuana. The items were sent for lab testing, according to court papers. Edmonds is charged with drug offenses.
Williams and Edmonds were denied bail because of community danger concerns, according to online court records. There were not attorneys listed for either man or Valliere. Preliminary hearings are set for March 31.
Renatta Signorini is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Renatta at 724-837-5374, rsignorini@triblive.com or via Twitter .
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