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Alice isn’t in Wonderland anymore in an all-new BOOM! Studios series in which she is turning to drugs in order to return to her beloved Wonderland.
Readers around the world are familiar with the psychedelic adventures of one little girl named Alice who took a trip to Wonderland after chasing a white rabbit, but in a follow-up to the original story, adult Alice turns to drugs to return to Wonderland in the new BOOM! Studios series Alice Ever After. In a release from the comic book publisher, fans are given a first look at this new, twisted adventure that pairs bright surrealism with dark and gritty reality. 
The new five-issue comic series Alice Ever After is being helmed by acclaimed writer and artist Dan Panosian who is best known for their work on An Unkindness of Ravens and Canary. The artist behind the series is Giorgio Spalletta who brought the brutal and barbaric world of Red Sonja to life in Red Sonja: Black, White, Red. Fabiana Mascolo will be the colorist on the series with Jeff Eckleberry on as letterer. The first issue of Alice Ever After features main cover art from the series artist Dan Panosian with variant cover art by Something is Killing the Children’s Jenny Frison and The Amazing Spider-Man’s J. Scott Campbell. 
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In the preview released by BOOM! Studios, readers are given a chance to take an exclusive first look into the grim adult life of Alice. Everyone knows Alice first visited Wonderland as a child, but now as an adult, the idea of Wonderland is her only escape from the harsh reality in which she now lives. Alice’s family has grown distant, her lover is horribly tormented, and her father has secrets that he pays more mind to than his own daughter, ones that he will do anything to protect. To escape her menacing reality in Victorian London, Alice will need a drug stronger than mushrooms to get back to Wonderland, though her obsession with the mysterious and magical world is putting her at risk of institutionalization as her growing addiction is pulling her further and further from reality. 
Alice Ever After promises to be a mixture of dark realism and psychedelic surrealism which will be displayed in stark contrast throughout the series and will make readers understand why Alice is so desperate for her escape. On one side of the book fans will see the cold and gray world of Victorian London while on the other there will be the fantastical and childlike Wonderland. The catch for Alice, however, is that to get to her own personal heaven, she will first have to travel through the hell of London’s criminal underworld, as well as that of her own crumbling sanity. 
From the epic visuals to the deep and oftentimes disturbing story, Alice Ever After will assuredly give readers the trip of a lifetime. Alice Ever After #1 will be available in comic shops and at BOOM! Studios’ web store as well as through digital platforms including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle on April 6, 2022.
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Source: BOOM! Studios
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