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Mar. 9—A Perkins man facing prosecution for 2021 drug charges is now being charged with making lewd proposals to a child.
Richard Leon Mendenhall was charged in November 2021 with maintaining a house where drugs are kept and sold, and possession of controlled drugs in 2021.
Mendenhall was charged in February with one count of solicitation of a minor for lewd exhibition and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor that stemmed from the investigation into the household.
Perkins Police Chief Bob Ernst wrote in the probable cause affidavit that the charges stemmed from an investigation by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.
According to investigators, Mendenhall offered to pay the 14-year-old — who was 13-years-old at the time — $35 if she took a picture of her breasts herself or $40 if he could take it. She said she didn't feel comfortable with that, the affidavit reads.
The child told the forensic interviewer at the Saville Center that Mendenhall kept peer pressuring her when she told him no.
The next time the child mentioned being propositioned was at Mendenhall's residence, where she alleged he showed her pictures of breasts on his phone and said "he would add the photo of her breasts to the photo collection on his phone."
She said this made her feel disgusted, and she didn't want to do that. The affidavit said she wasn't asked again.
The second child disclosed being asked by Mendenhall how he would know the child was a girl. The affidavit said the child told him she had long hair and the shape of her face, and he asked again.
Mendenhall stopped asking once her sister stepped out of the shower. She disclosed feeling uncomfortable.
The third child disclosed being shown naked women by Mendenhall.
All three children alleged Mendenhall offered them drugs and that he smokes "white stuff" out of a glass pipe.
Police interviewed Mendenhall's Personal Care Assistant. She admitted to smoking marijuana with him, but she has a medical card.
She also alleged the two girls told her Mendenhall propositioned them to see their breasts, and one of them was shown a picture of his genitals.
The affidavit said she told police Mendenhall's house wasn't "fit for human habitation."
Mendenhall was interviewed on Dec. 6 at the Payne County Jail.
The affidavit said Mendenhall denied all the accusations regarding propositioning the girls and offering the three children meth.
Mendenhall told police the accusations were made up to "keep him in jail."
Bond was set at $50,000, and Mendenhall was appointed Jodie Gage as representation. He is scheduled to return to court on April 4.
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