Venezuela Gets 69 Tons of Drugs & Medical Equipment From China – teleSUR English

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by Stephen Sefton, Tortilla con Sal
by teleSUR/MS
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"This shipment will allow health personnel to enhance its care for COVID-19 and other non-communicable diseases patients," the Institute of Social Security President Gutierrez stated.
On Saturday, Venezuela’s Health Ministry received a 69-ton shipment of drugs and equipment for surgery and medical protection from the Chinese government.
Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela Begins
“This shipment will allow health personnel to enhance its care for COVID-19 and other chronic non-communicable diseases patients,” Venezuelan Institute of Social Security President Magaly Gutierrez stated.
In 2020, the Bolivarian government opened an airlift with China to receive COVID-19 medicines and protective equipment. So far, 42 cargos have arrived in this Latin American country as part of this initiative.
In the March 2021 shipment, for instance, China sent 10 million masks, 1,6 million disposable gloves, 3,000 infrared thermometers, 70 sterilizers, and 50 oxygen generators.
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“These deliveries are useful to counteract the effects of the criminal U.S. economic blockade, which prevents us from acquiring essential products for our population,” Health Ministry Carlos Alvarado stated.
In August, President Nicolas Maduro acknowledged that cooperating with China was a priority for his administration, which will strengthen bilateral oil, energy, mining, military, and cultural partnership with the Chinese government.
“We will continue to work together to address common challenges that are presented to us as partners. The brotherhood ties between our peoples will allow us to do that,” Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Felix Plasencia stated.
Venezuela: 23 years since Hugo Chavez’s first victory.
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