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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -Hidden drug meanings behind common emojis are reportedly giving youth another way to communicate.
As an article from Bark.com, a parental control app aimed at keeping children safer online, puts it — “Every generation has its own drug slang, and the terms and shorthand change with every passing decade. Kids today talk about drugs in a way that adds a new twist, using a language they’re fluent in — emojis.”
The tech company reporting its recent research found that 78.0% of tweens and 91.1% of teens engaged in conversations surrounding drugs and alcohol on platforms like TikTok, and Instagram…where they aren’t just talking about the drugs; but purchasing them too.
This list of emojis looks like ordinary and harmless symbols, but there are hidden meanings for each that could be easily overlooked by parents.
🚀— Can mean high-quality of being very intoxicated
💊— Can be used to mean prescription pills, drugs in general, or heroin
🍼🍇💜🔮— Cough Syrup
🔌 — A plug, i.e., drug dealer
🔥— To “blaze” a joint or be “lit” meaning intoxicated
It’s not just emoji, but slang terms too: Cart-can mean vape cartridge, Gas-can mean marijuana, Plug-means dealer.
To help parents, educators, and community influencers crack the code the Drug Enforcement Administration released an emoji drug decoder of sorts.
The overall message from law enforcement, is to talk to your sons and daughters, know the lingo for yourself and monitor their social media activity.
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