UDEST Agents seized over $4.5 million worth of illegal drugs in 2021 – Ocala News

The Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team seized a record number of various illegal drugs in 2021.
Throughout the year, UDEST agents investigated several drug trafficking organizations that were responsible for bringing the illegal drugs into Marion County. These investigations resulted in 228 individual arrests with charges that ranged from sale and possession of cocaine to trafficking in fentanyl.
According to an UDEST media release, agents seized over $4.5 million worth of illegal drugs in 2021. Those drugs included the following:
UDEST also seized over $395,000 in cash, assets, and 60 guns that included handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, and ammunition.
UDEST is focused on the influx of fentanyl as the drug has led to an increased number of overdoses. Fentanyl is a highly addictive and lethal substance that is contributing to a rise in overdose deaths not only in Marion County but also across the country. The substance is being broken down and mixed with other narcotics including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.
In recognition of their continued efforts to keep dangerous drugs off the streets, UDEST was awarded the 2021 Statewide Drug Unit of the Year by the Florida Narcotics Officers Association.


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