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David Awbrey
Jefferson City
Dear Editor:
As I have already noted in a recent LTE, in my opinion, the greatest internal threat to the United States are the white Christian nationalists who are actively being recruited by hate groups such as the KKK, Three Percenters, Booloolow, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and others.
You can read several LTEs where White Christian nationalists note the issue of masses of people assembling on our southern border as signs of the impending doom of white America. One letter notes the possible bringing of illegal drugs into our country by the people on the south side of our border, which unfortunately has been happening for decades. I suspect the drug lords prefer more reliable means of delivery they control than the mass of people assembling in Mexico. The drug lords wouldn’t be making and selling their evil if Americans, even here in Central Missouri ,wouldn’t buy their products. It’s the old supply and demand standard. All one has to do is read this newspaper for local drug busts. A person once said, “If you stop buying, we will stop making.”
Given the constant harping about immigration by the haters, I sometimes wish the American Indians had built a wall along the east coast to keep the uninvited European from entering their land with their European diseases such as smallpox and other diseases which didn’t exist in the new world prior to their arrival. Who in Indian authority asked the European to come to America? Answer me that — who?
The enslaved Africans didn’t ask to become slaves and be brought to this land as well.
Talking about immigration, I read it takes 2.1 births to replace 2 people. Prior to the pandemic, the nation’s birthrate was 1.86 and last year our birthrate was the second- lowest on record. We might very well become a nation in population decline and the only way to equal deaths or increase population is by having more children or let more people in who are mostly going to be much younger than the average age American.
Nothing ever stays the same, just ask the American Indians who lost all.
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