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WOODVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – On Wednesday, students at Woodville High School got the opportunity to learn about healthy habits and the dangers of drugs.
Steered Straight Founder Michael DeLeon was the guest speaker and shared his experience with drugs with students and staff.
Steering kids in the right direction is the mission for Michael DeLeon. After years of drug addiction and 12 years in prison for a gang-related homicide, DeLeon is now a well-known speaker and shares his story with students nationwide.
He spoke to students in grades 7-12 at Woodville High School about making healthy choices and the dangers of drugs.
Which hit home for most students.
“I’ve had family members pass away from stuff like this as well, and he did speak to us to make us understand what really can happen to us,” said student Noelle Swiam.
During the assembly, DeLeon spoke about social and emotional wellness, the power of positive relationships, asking for help in tough situations, and showed many images of drugs.
School leaders said right now, vapes are the most commonly used in schools, which is concerning for some students.
“I would say about 95 percent of kids vapes, and it worries me because my brothers are a lot younger, and I don’t want them to get involved,” said student Caleb Dolberry.
“There is a lot that goes on at the schools. Kids that have vapes, cigarettes it could be at home problems and a lot of his life story I hope that it touches some of the kids that it can it affect them and be a part of their lives,” said student Benjamen Minor.
With recent overdoses, DeLeon said fentanyl has become the number one cause of death for kids and adults.
“It’s not going to go away, and it’s here to stay, and we have to educate kids about it because anything can be laced, including Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or pills,” said DeLeon.
DeLeon will visit Pisgah, North Sand Mountain, and North Jackson High Schools on Thursday and speak to students.
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