Officials: 2 teens caught with AR-15 style rifles, illegal drugs – KVIA

EL PASO, Texas – A traffic stop led to the arrests of two juveniles Wednesday; one 13, the other 16.
El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies stopped the teenagers at the 400 block of Peyton Dr. in far east El Paso.
Investigators say they found controlled substances in the vehicle and two AR-15 style rifles that had their serial numbers altered.
The teenagers were referred to the Juvenile Detention Center for possession of narcotics and unlawful possession of

ABC-7’s digital content director
Not the best way to start your life.
As a loser just like you.
What you would expect there. Hood rats!
I am sure they are Irish “whitees” eh alberto?
If alberto had a son!
Two AR15s leftover from the Obama – Holder fast and furious days.
Apparently the EP Gang task force only gets involved only if the thugs are Northeast EP and African American.
Their parents must be very proud of them.
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