Louisville Customs seizes marijuana hidden in Lucky Charms cereal boxes – WLKY Louisville

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Drug smugglers will go to tremendous lengths to get illegal substances through borders and customs, and the recent seizure by Louisville Customs and Border Protection is certainly no exception.
Four pounds of marijuana were found hidden inside a box of Lucky Charms cereal that was bound for Great Britain, according to Customs and Border Protection in Louisville.
A narcotics detector dog named Kary was working outgoing freight on Thursday, Feb. 24 when he sniffed out something of interest in a shipment of the box of cereal.
Officers opened up the box to take a closer look and found vacuum-sealed bags after which they tested the substance inside determining it to be marijuana.
Although marijuana is legal in many states, the sale, possession, production, and distribution of marijuana is still illegal under federal law. So, mailing a shipment containing marijuana overseas is prohibited.
“Our officers are very familiar with the many ways smugglers try to evade inspection,” said Thomas Mahn, port director in Louisville. “Officers learn to think creatively about where things might be hidden because drugs can be anywhere—inside books, auto parts, spools of ribbon, crepe makers, study binders, food, statues, photo frames—if there is space inside an item it could contain something illegal.”
The narcotics detector dogs are commended by the Customs and Border Protection as a big reason as to why it is difficult to sneak drugs past customs no matter how crafty the method.
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