Naples man arrested for possession of drugs – Fox 4

NAPLES, Fla. — A Naples man was arrested for possession of drugs near Salt Ally on February 26.
A Collier County Deputy was patrolling near Salt Ally at 12215 Collier Boulevard, when a man, identified as Terry Jules, was discovered behind the building; the Deputy reported to have watched Jules with binoculars.
According to the report, Jules had backed up towards the building when he saw another patrol car drive past him and reportedly watched the patrol car till it was gone.
Once the patrol vehicle was out of site, Jules reportedly reached into a utility sink behind the building, pulled out a lighter and what appeared to be a pipe.
The Deputy observed the way he was smoking the pipe and saw that it was the typical behavior of someone who was smoking illegal drugs.
The Deputy then approached Jules in the car and he reportedly walked away from the sink and the Deputy told him to stop. he was reportedly cooperative and gave the Deputy his name. The Deputy walked over to the sink and saw a glass tube with copper wool stuck on the end and burnt residue stuck inside; it tested positive for cocaine.
Jules was placed under arrest for the possession of paraphernalia and transported to Naples Jail Center.


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