"Drugs was at all-time high in the 80s and 90s" – Charles Oakley highlights the issues the NBA had to face during Michael Jordan's era – Sportskeeda

The NBA has transcended different eras, perhaps the most difficult being the Michael Jordan era in the 1980s where drug use was ridiculously high.
Right now, there are several drug testing protocols that were put in place due to the high rate of drug use in the NBA during the 80s. The league’s anti-drug campaign took off in the mid-1980s, resulting in suspensions or outright dismissal from the league.
Players were easily corruptible because of the somewhat free access to these substances, but Charles Oakley talked about the league’s intervention and how former teammate Jordan steered clear of it. Speaking to JJ Reddick and Tommy Alter on “The Old Man & the Three,” Oakley responded to Reddick’s question about how bad drug use was by saying:
Oakley and Jordan have remained friends since joining together in 1985 on the Chicago Bulls. The former did not hang around long enough to win a championship with the Bulls as he was traded, but his relationship with Jordan is still strong. He has come out on more than one occasion to defend Jordan against Scottie Pippen’s outbursts.
You could see how one’s career could have been derailed in an era where drug use was prevalent. Fortunately, Jordan stayed true to himself and it paid off dividends.
Jordan won six championships in eight years, with his first coming in 1991. Before that, he was an absolute show-stopper and was responsible for making the NBA known globally.
In the eyes of many, he is the GOAT in basketball, rivaled only by LeBron James. The GOAT debate is unending, as there is not much that separates two of the greatest athletes in sports history.
However, a perfect run in the NBA Finals, ten scoring titles, and nine All-Defensive Team honors, among other accolades, should go a long way in showing how much of an outstanding player Michael Jordan was.

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